Wednesday, June 16, 2010

new pics

I don't actually have any new pictures :( I just really need to take some! I usually carry my camera around with me everywhere, but for the past week or so it has been laying next to the couch in the living room, getting dusty. I love having so many pics of Ky, I know I will never regret taking so many. I can't wait (well, I DON'T want to wish away time, I'm just looking forward to an awesome future) until he is 25 or 30 with kids of his own and we can compare baby pictures. Or in the not-to-distant future (no, I am not pregnant, lol) comparing his baby pictures to that of his little brother (hopefully) or sister :)

He's laying next to me on the couch right now, sleeping. He went down in his crib, but woke up after 45 minutes, and I knew he hadn't got his nap out yet, so I snuggled him up in the glider in his room and he went back to sleep almost immediately. Last night didn't really go that great :/   I cheated. He went to sleep at 8pm, woke up at 9 (rocked him back to sleep), again at 10 (rocked him back to sleep), and AGAIN at 10:30. Since it was kind of unusual for him to wake up that many times I didn't feel right about letting him CIO. I undressed him (until he was just in a FuzziBunz) and put him in the bed with us, since it was pretty toasty inside. He slept till 6:30 and only nursed twice, which is just about his usual if he sleeps with us. It wouldn't be that big of a deal to co-sleep with him(I love snuggling with him), except that we only have a full sized bed, and Josh and I aren't thin people by any means!! And on top of that Ky is a bit of a squirmer. I can't wait until we are financially stable enough to get our own house, because we will definitely be getting at least a KING sized bed :) then I will co-sleep with all of my babies!!! lol.

We went to the lake today, before Josh had to go in to work. It was very relaxing. Josh took Ky in to the water(I have to shed a few pounds before I will wear a bathing suit in public) and he loved it. He truly is a water baby. I had to stop by DG and pick up stinking diposable swim diapers b/c I coundn't find his cloth one anywhere :( 10 swimmies cost me $8!! And they will all go in the trash, in a landfill! AND they had gross chemicals in them, AND they were plasticy/crunch and I am assuming not the most comfotable thing he could wear :( I only paid $12 for his reusable one, and he cn use it until he grows out of it (not this summer) and it can be reused for other babies! UGH, just a black spot on an otherwise great day!

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