Sunday, June 20, 2010

new pics... really!

Ky loves sleeping on our bed! He'll sleep for hours in there, especially at inappropriate times, like 2am, and taking a two hour nap, making us late for the Father's Day breakfast at mom's! :) But isn't he just the cutest thing laying there snoozing away? The flash from my camera didn't even wake him up!

Joshua is truly truly a wonderful dad! He is such a blessing to both Kyson and myself :) We honestly couldn't ask for a better man in our lives. I think he enjoyed his first father's day (maybe because we both went off of our diet all day, lol), and I know we made some memories! I love looking at these two together.

This is my Dad, Josh, and my oldest brother Brian, all trying to figure out how to mount my Dad's father's day present ... a 42" TV. When they finally got it up, it didn't work!! Dad had to make a trip back to the store to get a replacement, but then he watched NASCAR for the rest of the day... he was happy :)

"What are these things, mom? I don't wear shorts!! Where's my diaper?!?!" Hehehe, this is the first pair of shorts Ky has worn.... ever?    Yep... I'm pretty sure he has never worn a pair of shorts before. When it got hot enough to wear shots, I baisically just started leaving him in just a diaper.

He got in this position all by himself!! My big boy!! He only stayed there for like 3 seconds, and didn't really GO anywhere, but he is so darn close!!! I'm dreading and looking forward to him crawling all at the same time.

He was talking to me. "Mom, I am trying to play here. Thank you for letting me be nakey for a while, but please get that camera out of my face!" :)

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