Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Mall of Georgia

Tab and I took Kyson, Andrew, Lauren, and Tyler to the mall today. The kids all played in the fountain and had lots of fun. I put Ky on his swim diaper, which is supposed to hold poo in, but not pee (a little gross in my opinion, but really you know all little kids pee in the pool). He was super cute, but I was holding him and he peed on me :) My fault of course, I knew it didn't hold pee in!!! Tab and my little sister Kieanna shopped a little, while I stayed with the little kids. We all had Chic-fil-a and then went to cool off inside with a DQ Blizzard. Now we're at home and I'm babysitting some of my little brothers and sisters and my niece. Life is good! I made every body sit down so I could take a picture, they're all in play clothes, lol.

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