Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Life in the fast lane

Why would anyone ever want to live life in the fast lane? There is so much to enjoy and discover, that I want to savor very moment I have! Just thinking out loud a little...

I got a new BLACKBERRY!! :) And I'm a little excited, can't you tell?! I think it has a major learning curve, but I think in a couple of days I'll have it figured out :) Ky is feeling a little better, as am I :) Tab is sitting in my living room floor, playing with him in his saucer. She opened her mouth and he tried to give her a bite of his teething biscuit... ICKY ICKY! He gets so incredibly disgusting when he has one of those! But it was still really cute! My baby is growing up!! Drew came to stay with me for an hour or so this morning, I can remember him as a teeny baby, holding him in the rocking chair (which is in fact in the very same spot in the very same house as I'm sitting at right now...wow) while his mom took a shower. Sometimes I think life goes by a little too fast!!!

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  1. No, life goes by WAY too fast!! The older I get, the more I realize this! Boo!! :-(