Tuesday, June 15, 2010

great start to the day

Ky slept from 8pm to 4am :) He did cry at 11pm, but it didn't last nearly as long as previous nights! So he nursed at 4 and at 6:30, which is when he woke up. Josh got up with him, and I got to sleep in until 8, when I got up to work out with a friend. I cam home, took a shower, and nursed Ky to sleep :) So now I get an hour to straighten and get ready to go to Hamilton Mill. We went negative in bank account... oooops! Only $.29 though, so we just have to go deposit some cash that Josh made in tips at the Tea Garden, no big deal. And we'll probably eat lunch out while we're there!! I really love working out, especially once I get passed the sore muscles and out of breath stage! Can't wait until that happens!!!

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