Monday, June 28, 2010

Another post from a NEW blackberry. My original one got puked on by a very sweet, and slightly sick baby boy. He's been spitting up a lot more lately, I'm really hoping it's just something in my diet or maybe the heat getting to him, and not a prelude to something more serious :( We've spent most of the day tring to get AT&T to replace my phone since it's only been 23 days, they finally did at the third store we drove to. Now mom, dad, josh, Ky, me, and ALL of the kids are on the way to Athens to see a discount move ($2 The Back Up Plan &/or How To Train Your Dragon). I'm pretty weary of how Ky is going to do, we might have to skip it if he won't fall asleep... We'll see!!! I'm really missing Drew, Lauren, and Tab :( Thankfully I will be seeing Drew and Tab for sure next Wednesday and hopefully LaLa soon after that!! Yay for a trip to TX!

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