Friday, May 21, 2010

Whoa, what a day!!

Joshua had to work early this morning (part of what makes him the best husband ever, b/c he got off from one job and went in to another 2 hours later), and Ky woke up at 7:00 am. I'd like to complain about that, but I know he could of woken a lot earlier, so I will refrain :) He was in a happy mood, which is pretty common first thing in the morning. My Mom and younger sister wanted to go out to lunch together, and to get her first cell phone, so I watched Makayla and Promise for them. And then Tab, my older sister needed to run some errands, so she dropped LaLa off too. So I had Kyson, Lauren, Makayla, and Promise for a couple of hours. I love kids, I love to be busy, and I flourish in chaotic settings. I know, I'm a little out of the ordinary :) My asthma (un-diagnosed b/c I am currently un-insured, even though I went to the doc for it when I WAS insured and she didn't prescribe anything) started to act up this morning, but it wasn't serious so I ignored it for the most part. But a couple of hours later it really started to flare up. If you have never experienced difficulty breathing, then lucky you!! It's awful, truly. I would rather go through labor pains than endure struggling to breathe! BUT my older sis and Mom came to the rescue, finding a solution to help my airways open up and now I feel MUCH better. I love that I can always count on my family. I am very blessed in that regard!!! And this day has ended even better, b/c Josh just brought home 2 Double Chocolate Fudge cookies from SubWay :) Now I hope that I can get a semi-decent night of sleep!

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