Saturday, May 15, 2010

What a perfect day :)

Today has been laid back, low key, and absolutely wonderful! I woke up to a happy baby this morning, after a not-so-bad night :) I played computer games with one of my little sisters and my mom. Kieanna (another lil sis) made some yummy homemade cookies. I took yet another little sister (Krishawnda) to get her first cell phone, and let her drive (MISTAKE) because I'm 21 and officially allowed to let teenagers drive. But oh my GOSH, she scared me to death!! Needless to say she still needs lots of practice, lol. Kyson took a really long nap and I cuddled with him and took a cat nap of my own (haven't done that in a long while). Then Josh and I went out to dinner at Longhorns and left Ky with Tab and my mom. After we got there I saw lots of other babies and wished I had just drug him along!! I missed him! We got two free desserts because it was my bday, and it was delicious :) When we got home Ky was in a really good mood, and I thought he would go right to sleep after he nursed... NOT! I ended up walking down to mom's house (two doors down) and we both sat on her front porch swing and talked and rocked him to sleep. Lately it seems as if my life has just been extra blessed, and I'm super content right now. I loooove it!:)

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