Sunday, May 9, 2010

waiting on Josh...

We've had a pretty good day today. My first Mother's Day :) I slept in late (thank you Joshua David). Woke up to a clean living room (again, a thank you to the hubs). A HUMONGO breakfast at mom's house (because, well, when you're feeding 28 people, it kinda has to be big). Organic flowers with a biodegradable sleeve. Chocolate Turtles. A really sweet card from my sisters along with the fixings for a date night (which we are going on tomorrow, yay!). Then Josh and I relaxed for a few hours before he went to deliver Chinese food. I went to the Dollar General down the road and found DIAPER COVERS (double yay!) And Josh just walked in the door with Crab Rangoons and Broccoli Chicken with fried rice :)

I also rode over to a family friends house to bring her a couple of bottles of baby shampoo that Ky can't use because he has sensitive skin. She is days away from meeting her adopted son from China :) I walked in the room that will be his and I just felt like bursting into tears!! I can't imagine going through what this wonderful lady has had to go through for the last several months. Knowing that your baby is hundreds of miles away from you... not knowing if they're happy and safe... oh it just breaks my heart! I think it is an absolutly wonderful thing that she is doing, but I don't think I could do it... put a baby in my arms and I'd love it forever, but the time that she has to wait I think my heart would break :( I haven't had this family in my prayers, but they definitely will be from now on!!

I love days like today.

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