Wednesday, May 19, 2010


My cute little man! This is the first time I've brushed his hair in to a mohawk, isn't he adorable?!?!

Next Wednesday we are leaving to go to Nashville! YAY! Josh and I are both on the internet looking up "things to do in Nashville, TN". So far we're going to the TN state museum (FREE), visiting the Belle Meade Plantation (that's my kinda thing), going to the Nashville Zoo at Grassmere (Ky's first Zoo trip), visiting the Vanderbilt campus (DUH, that's where Jen goes), Parthenon (an art museum)... and the list goes on. Whether or not we actually DO all of this depends on Kyson/weather/Jen's schedule/and our energy levels, lol.

I just started on our packing list (I like lists) and WHOA at all of the extra stuff you need with a baby! I hope it all fits in the PT cruiser! We're using our gDiapers on the part of the trip, with the flushable/compostable/tossable/biodegradable inserts that we have and never use. Once we finish up that pack (we're not buying any more b/c I much prefer cloth over these, even for outings), I'll probably start using our FuzziBunz and BumGenius b/c they're water proof (and the poop usually comes off easier, sorry for the TMI, haha). My sister doesn't have a diaper sprayer, so we'll have to go back to the old "dunk and swish" method, blah! But I'm hoping to not have to do laundry while I'm there, just b/c I don't think she would like me washing my poo diapers in her washing machine, and then hanging diapers everywhere to dry them :) I'm an over-packer so I'll probably end up packing too many diapers, but I would HATE to have to go buy a pack of sposies while we're there! We're also taking a travel swing and we might invest in an umbrella stroller... still not sure about that one. Baby food, teething bicuits, toys, cold teethers, sippy cup, juice, paci's, blankets, bibs, boppi, toiletries... that's just the stuff that's popping into my head randomly!!

Kyson is sleeping in his crib for the first time tonight. I decided to try it, b/c the last few week our sleep schedule has been horrendous! He used to sleep a 6 hour stretch every night, but lately we're LUCKY if he does 3 or 4. I'll update tomorrow to see if I keep him in there the whole night (probably wont, esp if he still doesn't sleep very well).

Now I'm off to bed, and hopefully can sleep for a few hours before he wakes up!

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