Sunday, May 2, 2010

Pretty good day.

This morning Josh and I got up and got ready to go to church while Ky was napping. When he woke up I went to change him into a super cute orange polo body suit, and he peed all over my skirt! And then of course he smiled and laughed at me, lol. I love him when he wakes up from naps, he's so cuddly! He's sitting up really well now, and can zoom around the kitchen is his walker. Anyway, we were already running late, and I didn't really have time to change my whole outfit, so we ended up going to eat breakfast at Cracker Barrel, and then we went to visit his maternal grandparents who live about 15 minutes from us. They love to fuss over Kyson as he's their first great grandchild. We got home and Josh wanted to fill out some more job applications (woo hoo!) and I decided to go to Athens with Doreese and Destinee, two of my younger sisters who are 17. I love hanging out with them, they're going to be such great women! I FINALLY found a black UGA t-shirt for Kyson among the billion red ones, and paid way to much for it. Then I ate WONDERFUL homemade beef stew at Mom's. Now I'm sitting at home. Kyson has gone to bed early and Josh is at work. My house is clean (thanks to my wonderful little sister Kieanna), and I don't quite know what to do with myself :) That's a good thing every now and again!!

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