Monday, May 3, 2010

a new chapter

Today is a Monday, and I'm loving it! Usually Josh is gone from 8am till 6pm on Monday's, but today he is home ALL day. He is finished with school. His graduation ceremony is in 5 days and I am so happy for him.

The next chapter in our lives is titled: SAVING
 We are currently living in a house (trailer) that my mom owns, and while I appreciate the free rent tremendously, I'm ready to be a "big girl" lol. I'm ready to get some permanency in my life. This new dream house is going to be my HOME. This is where we will raise our children, where we will live when we're old and gray and wrinkled :) SOO, even though Josh will be starting a new career, our standard of living isn't going to change much. Every penny we can scrape up is going into a savings account for a new home... and I'm excited!

PS- I have lost/misplaced my camera, so whenever I find it there will be a pic overload :)

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