Wednesday, May 12, 2010

tired baby, tired mommy, tired daddy

It's 9:49 pm and Ky is still awake. He's kicking his feet in the bouncy seat, watching the Sprout channel, and is being relatively happy... Of course this a night after a REALLY LONG night last night, with him waking up about every two hours to nurse the whole night. I'm tired. Josh is tired b/c he got up early with him this morning. A good night for us is him sleeping 6 hours straight, and then sleeping two more 2 hour stretches... but lately that hasn't been happening! I really hope this is just a teething/groth spurt thing and he goes back to more consistent sleep patterns soon!
We tried a new kind of Peanut butter... Dark Chocolate Dreams by PeanutButter&company... It is GOOD!
Miss Tracy is on her way to Beijing to pick up her precious little boy Phillips!!! I am so incredibly excited for her family! :)
We are going to Nashville TN in two weeks to visit my older sister Jennifer :) It's our summer vacation, since we are not exactly sure when Josh is going to get a new job, and we know that once he gets one, he won't be able to take off for a while. I am super excited about it. Not only have I never been to Jen's apartment (even though she has lived there for over a year) I've also never been to Nashville!!! It's our first super long car trip with Ky too... I think about 5 hours. UGH, definitely not looking forward to that part!!

The pics are of today when  Lauren was here and just a few minutes ago of a very tired, but happy Ky :)

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