Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I won!

Josh and I went to take Kyson to a physical therapy appointment today. His middle finger on his right hand doesn't extend all the way. The appointment went really well, they made him a tiny baby splint that he's supposed to wear for a couple of hours each day. Of course when we got home we couldn't get the splint to stay on, and he kept nawing (is that a word?) on it. He didn't really seem to mind it being on though, which is a good thing! I watched the newest episode of 19 Kids and Counting tonight, and seeing precious baby Josie make me really thankful that Ky is so healthy. I pray for the Duggars every time I think of them! After the appointment we stopped by Wal-Mart to pick up some nursing pads and a few things for mom, and on the way out decided to make an appointment for Kyson's 6 month pictures. I WON a 16x20" wall portrait :) I think that might be the very first thing I've won... ever! It was a "spin the wheel" type of thing, and that was the biggest/nicest thing you could win. So now we have an appointment in the morning to get pictures taken, which makes me happy. I am totally a picture person (as long as I'm not in them, lol). We're doing some cloth diaper pics, some nakey pics, and some UGA pics... maybe a family pic, if I get around to putting on make-up in the morning :)

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