Saturday, May 22, 2010

I love good deals!

I bought an umbrella stroller from Babies R Us for $8.20 :) I'm excited! I had planned on spending no less than $20!  The stroller was already on sale, plus I had $10 off, plus a 20% off coupon. Happy day! Now I'm gonna try to rig up some way to hang a basket/pouch from the handle bars (you can buy them, but they're like $20). I think it will be much easier to grab a toy or a paci form a pouch than to dig in the diaper bag all day. We've switched from our over-the-shoulder brown baby bag, to Josh's Nike backpack that he only used for one semester. I LOVE it! It is much easier to carry, especially when you have a baby on your hip. It has all the right pockets, and plenty of space. It even has three separate compartments, one for his cloth diapers, a small one for wipes/teething tablets/baby food, and another for clothes and toys. It's perfect.

I have a feeling tonight is gonna be a rough night with Kyson. He woke up after being asleep for only an hour :( I changed his diaper and gave him some Mylicon drops, and he fell back to sleep in the bouncy seat. I put him back in his crib, and he's asleep for now... Oh well, at least Josh doesn't go in to work tomorrow morning, so I wont feel guilty if he gets up to help me!

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