Sunday, May 30, 2010


We're back at home, Ky in his swing, and Josh at work. The vacation laundry is done, the bags un-packed. We've seemed to slide back effortlessly into our old routine. Yay? That trip was so awesome that our life is looking a little boring to me now. But I'm sure that if we were on the go like that all of the time we would tire of it quickly. Right? *sigh* SOOOO wasn't ready for that to be over! But I guess, who is ever ready to go back to real life?

I'm ready for a change :) Can't you tell? I've been eyeing houses, trying to figure out what style I like best, weighing in on what features are most important. Basement vs. Garage (basement), Brick/Stone vs. siding (Stone, but we'll see how far that dream goes). Josh is going to take another test in Atlanta this Tuesday and has put in a few more applications. I'm thinking of getting motivated to start SAVING, like really saving. But that means no more summer fun. No Zoo Atlanta, no aquarium, no World of Coke, no camping. Hmmmmm... Maybe this summer can be modified saving, and then closer to the fall when Josh will hopefully have a new job the real saving can begin :)  A "4 bedroom, 2.5 bath, real tile, real hardwood, nice cabinets, nice carpet, stainless steel appliances, foyer with a coat closet, utility sink, fenced in back yard, no subdivision" house is what the dream is... and what the prayers are for, but we'll see what the budget has to say!!

I bought Kyson an amber teething necklace :) and some hemp inserts for his pocket diapers to try for overnight use! I can't wait to find the solution for his heavy wetting at night!  Our Gdiapers worked great on vacation! We used the disposable inserts and they worked wonderfully. So no diaper laundry to deal with, and no sposies to fill up the landfills with either!

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