Saturday, May 22, 2010

He's getting so big!

Kyson hasn't slept in the Play Pen that's beside our bed in three nights! Although he has slept in the swing and with me some :) He always goes to sleep in the crib in his room, but then about 4 am-ish, gets restless and wants to swing or cuddle. He's such a good baby, and he makes me so happy! I love my new Kozy baby carrier, I just put him in it because he was  a little fussy, and was fighting sleep, and with just a quick lullaby and some swaying back and forth he was sound asleep. Then I transferred him to the swing (which needs new batteries) so that I could get some laundry started and the house picked up. Josh should be home in just about an hour and we're gonna head to Babies R Us to use the $10 gift card that I have. We're probably gonna buy an umbrella stroller, because the one that we have won't fit in the PT with all of the other stuff we have to take on vacation. I would just say that we would wing it, but with a trip to the zoo, a museum, and a plantation tour, I really think it's gonna be used! Of course I'm excited about using the Kozy too, I just don't think it's practical to keep Kyson in it for hours three days in a row. Roughly three and a half days until we're off!!!! :)  I hope I can convince Josh to eat Chic-fil-a or Moe's for lunch, those two are my favorite fast food places!

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