Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Frankin Goose

Recently Kyson has stopped eating his baby cereal. He gags on it, lol. I tried mixing it with his baby food, but he isn't falling for it!

He is usually a really good eater, only spitting food out when it's disgusting (peaches) or when he's finished (he's playing in it). But tonight he got it EVERYWHERE, so I'm guessing he just isn't having the cereal! I did find a recipe to make cookies out of it... we'll see how that goes!

I got a new diaper in the mail!
It was 100% completely FREE :) There was a promotion on a website called Franklin Goose, and for every review that you completed they gave you a $5 store credit! And I bought this diaper and a couple of other things, YAY for FG!

Lala stopped by for a visit while her mom ran an errand. She plays so well with Ky! They love each other, and are so cute!

That's her "who, who B" (as in monkeys, who say "who, who, ha, ha" and "B" as in blanket) in the picture.She thought Ky might have been cold w/o a shirt on, and then decided that she was cold and wanted to cover up too :) SO CUTE!

All in all a pretty good day :) I'm loving my life right now!

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