Thursday, May 27, 2010

Another day in Nashville...

Today was SOOO much fun!! We got up this morning and straightened Jen's house (because we have seriously junked it), and then took off for The Nashville Zoo at Grassmere. Kyson loved it! Every time we tried to take a picture in front of an animal we couldn't get him to look away from it long enough to take the picture! His favorite part was probably the amphibian/reptile/fish display. ICK! We stayed there for about 2.5 hours, and then decided that we couldn't take the scorching heat anymore. We drove to the Parthenon, which is the only life size replica of the temple that's in Athens, Greece. It was really interesting, but no fun for Ky. Then we came home to cool off and let Ky nap. Jen, Josh, Ky, and I took a walk down Broad Street, ate some YUMMY "Popsicles" (Mexican Caramel CreamCicle). Jen tried a "Hot Chocolate Chili" flavored one, and said it was really yummy (I was way too chicken). We ate dinner at an awesome pizza place  called "Mafiozas". Now we're at home watching the Sprout channel after giving Kyson a bath in her kitchen sink. GOOD DAY. :)


  1. Miss ya'll!! Kyson looks so big and so chubby in his stroller! LOL!! :) Give him a big kiss for me!

  2. AHHH! I just remembered that TXT!!! SORRY TAB! We were walking downtown and I meant to txt you when we got back to the car :(