Monday, May 31, 2010


These two were taken today in his room. I love his blue eyes (He didn't get them from us, they're probably from my maternal grandmother, who passed them to my mother, and then my two sisters... just not ME). And this is one of my favorite diapers, probably having something to do with the fact that it was FREE. And I have pressure to cut his hair from ten different people, but I won't :) That's one of the perks of being his mother, I get to decide, not other people! And of course the new amber teething necklace that makes him look like a hippie baby... I LOVE HIM!! :) Bunches.

I hate being a cry baby!

My little sister, Destinee, left for basic training for the National Guard today :( I'm happy that she has this opportunity to go somewhere and be something, but I didn't want her to leave. I'm really gonna miss hanging out with her this summer. I got teary eyed of course, even though she'll be back in 10 weeks, it's not like she is going to war, lol. I totally blame it on my mom, she cries even more than I do!

We had a cookout at Mom's today for Memorial Day. Yummy food, and great company, as always. My brother Brian and his girlfriend Amy brought their two puppies over and Kyson ran around in his walker chasing them :) Everyone had a cow when I let him touch the dogs and then didn't immediately go wash his hands... it just didn't gross me out for some reason. It's not like he's gonna catch a cold from them! It's just a little dirt :)

Sunday, May 30, 2010


We're back at home, Ky in his swing, and Josh at work. The vacation laundry is done, the bags un-packed. We've seemed to slide back effortlessly into our old routine. Yay? That trip was so awesome that our life is looking a little boring to me now. But I'm sure that if we were on the go like that all of the time we would tire of it quickly. Right? *sigh* SOOOO wasn't ready for that to be over! But I guess, who is ever ready to go back to real life?

I'm ready for a change :) Can't you tell? I've been eyeing houses, trying to figure out what style I like best, weighing in on what features are most important. Basement vs. Garage (basement), Brick/Stone vs. siding (Stone, but we'll see how far that dream goes). Josh is going to take another test in Atlanta this Tuesday and has put in a few more applications. I'm thinking of getting motivated to start SAVING, like really saving. But that means no more summer fun. No Zoo Atlanta, no aquarium, no World of Coke, no camping. Hmmmmm... Maybe this summer can be modified saving, and then closer to the fall when Josh will hopefully have a new job the real saving can begin :)  A "4 bedroom, 2.5 bath, real tile, real hardwood, nice cabinets, nice carpet, stainless steel appliances, foyer with a coat closet, utility sink, fenced in back yard, no subdivision" house is what the dream is... and what the prayers are for, but we'll see what the budget has to say!!

I bought Kyson an amber teething necklace :) and some hemp inserts for his pocket diapers to try for overnight use! I can't wait to find the solution for his heavy wetting at night!  Our Gdiapers worked great on vacation! We used the disposable inserts and they worked wonderfully. So no diaper laundry to deal with, and no sposies to fill up the landfills with either!

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Kyson was up really late last night. For some reason he just didn't want to go to sleep (kinda like right now, Josh is walking him, but he's just not having it)! He finally went to sleep around 8:45, which is 9:45 Ga time. We all went to bed about an hour later. And then at 2am the fire alarm in Jen's building went off. I was already awake, nursing Kyson, but Josh jumped out of bed, scared (he's hilarious when he gets woken up suddenly). We went out on the walk way to see if there really was a fire, but just saw lots of other people doing the same thing. It was on for probably 15 minutes, and at that point Kyson was totally awake and ended up staying that way for about an hour and a half. Boo. He did sleep in to 7:30 though, which is 8:30 our time, and if he would stick with that schedule, that would be AWESOME!!

We had planned to wake up early to go eat pancakes at the Pancake Pantry, but... that didn't quite happen. We ended up getting there about 9:30, and then standing in line for about 45 minutes. TOTALLY worth it though. Now we have to clean, straighten, and pack for tonight's trip back home. Another boo.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Day Three

Today is our third day in Nashville and so far we are having a blast! We visited the Botanical Gardens and went to the Belle Meade Plantation this morning. I forgot my memory card for the camera OF COURSE :( and the internal memory of the camera only holds four pictures. But those four pics are really good ones! I loved walking through the mansion at the plantation, I could just picture myself living there a hundred years ago :) we got some delicious cupcakes and now we're relaxing back at Jen's house. This trip has been so relaxing, and we've done so many fun things! I know I'm not gonna want to leave tomorrow night!!!
All of these were blown glass figures, they were sooo cool to look at, I really wish I had been able to take more pictures!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Another day in Nashville...

Today was SOOO much fun!! We got up this morning and straightened Jen's house (because we have seriously junked it), and then took off for The Nashville Zoo at Grassmere. Kyson loved it! Every time we tried to take a picture in front of an animal we couldn't get him to look away from it long enough to take the picture! His favorite part was probably the amphibian/reptile/fish display. ICK! We stayed there for about 2.5 hours, and then decided that we couldn't take the scorching heat anymore. We drove to the Parthenon, which is the only life size replica of the temple that's in Athens, Greece. It was really interesting, but no fun for Ky. Then we came home to cool off and let Ky nap. Jen, Josh, Ky, and I took a walk down Broad Street, ate some YUMMY "Popsicles" (Mexican Caramel CreamCicle). Jen tried a "Hot Chocolate Chili" flavored one, and said it was really yummy (I was way too chicken). We ate dinner at an awesome pizza place  called "Mafiozas". Now we're at home watching the Sprout channel after giving Kyson a bath in her kitchen sink. GOOD DAY. :)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

We're HERE!

We left home this morning around 10. We stopped at the bank, to get gas, and to STARBUCKS (YUMMMMMY!!). The first leg of the trip went awesome! Ky slept for about an hour and half, and then when he woke up he was in a super good mood. We played peek-a-boo and read books (with me making all kids of crazy sound effects and him cackling at every one). I fed him a jar of baby food, and then about 30ish minutes after that we stopped to eat at Long John Silvers.  I nursed him and changed his diaper, and then we got back on the road. 20 minutes later I smelled a poopy diaper (of course!) so we stopped again. Then the last 45 minutes of the trip Ky was just DONE with being in the car seat. He cried for 15 minutes straight (he was tired) but then we stopped once again so that I could nurse him (and so that he would hopefully go to sleep). He DIDN'T, but I stopped and bought a sweet tea (BAD MOMMY :)). and that tied him over the last bit of the drive. The trip took us about 5.5 hours. Not to bad...
We unloaded everything and got settled, then went out for Mexican! Kyson went to sleep pretty easily. We kicked Jen out of her bed :) Tomorrow is busy!! The Nashville Zoo, then the Parthenon, and then probably out to dinner again!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


The last couple of days Ky has been SUPER fussy! If he isn't cutting a tooth then he has some major attitude problems, lol. Right now he is sitting in the floor, playing with toys. He's fed, and he just woke up from a nap. He has on a dry diaper. And he is quietly complaining... sitting there whining "uhhhh uh...uhuh... uhhhh". He's cute even when he's in a bad mood!!!

We went to the DDS this morning to renew our license and change our address (it's been a year... ooops!). He played quietly in my lap for the first 30 minutes, but then got bored and started to protest. I got up and walked around a bit (even thought the office is tiny and VERY crowded), and lucky us the wait wasn't terribly long (about 75ish minutes). He nursed in the car and then fell right to sleep. My picture on my new drivers license in absolutely horrible!!! UGHHH, hopefully no one will ever have to see it, lol.

We leave for Tennessee TOMORROW!! YAY! Teething baby and all :) I have a huge load of cloth diapers to do, and we haven't packed at all! Hopefully two of my little sisters are gonna come over to help me clean out the PT and pack everything, so that when we get up tomorrow morning everything will be ready... I hope!

This is the picture that we took on the 23rd, Kyson's 7 month bday :) We take one every month for his picture frame. He was a sleepy boy!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

My baby is growing up!

Kyson is seven months old today! It is so bitter sweet watching him grow up! I do want him to grow and learn and explore, but I want him to be my baby!!! I want to cuddle him and play with him and enjoy being with him always. But I know that one day in the future he's gonna wiggle out of my arms and turn the corner and be my baby no longer :( boo for big kids, lol! I took this picture this morning of him cat napping in the living room floor. He woke up from a long nap in his crib, and I cuddled him back to sleep in the rocking chair, then laid him down so that I could take a picture :)

He was so cute last night right before bedtime. I was trying to take some pictures of him and started playing peek-a-boo behind the camera with him and he was laughing and laughing :) I wanted to just pick him up and squeeze him, lol. And I'm pretty sure he is cutting another tooth... slobber galore!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

I love good deals!

I bought an umbrella stroller from Babies R Us for $8.20 :) I'm excited! I had planned on spending no less than $20!  The stroller was already on sale, plus I had $10 off, plus a 20% off coupon. Happy day! Now I'm gonna try to rig up some way to hang a basket/pouch from the handle bars (you can buy them, but they're like $20). I think it will be much easier to grab a toy or a paci form a pouch than to dig in the diaper bag all day. We've switched from our over-the-shoulder brown baby bag, to Josh's Nike backpack that he only used for one semester. I LOVE it! It is much easier to carry, especially when you have a baby on your hip. It has all the right pockets, and plenty of space. It even has three separate compartments, one for his cloth diapers, a small one for wipes/teething tablets/baby food, and another for clothes and toys. It's perfect.

I have a feeling tonight is gonna be a rough night with Kyson. He woke up after being asleep for only an hour :( I changed his diaper and gave him some Mylicon drops, and he fell back to sleep in the bouncy seat. I put him back in his crib, and he's asleep for now... Oh well, at least Josh doesn't go in to work tomorrow morning, so I wont feel guilty if he gets up to help me!

He's getting so big!

Kyson hasn't slept in the Play Pen that's beside our bed in three nights! Although he has slept in the swing and with me some :) He always goes to sleep in the crib in his room, but then about 4 am-ish, gets restless and wants to swing or cuddle. He's such a good baby, and he makes me so happy! I love my new Kozy baby carrier, I just put him in it because he was  a little fussy, and was fighting sleep, and with just a quick lullaby and some swaying back and forth he was sound asleep. Then I transferred him to the swing (which needs new batteries) so that I could get some laundry started and the house picked up. Josh should be home in just about an hour and we're gonna head to Babies R Us to use the $10 gift card that I have. We're probably gonna buy an umbrella stroller, because the one that we have won't fit in the PT with all of the other stuff we have to take on vacation. I would just say that we would wing it, but with a trip to the zoo, a museum, and a plantation tour, I really think it's gonna be used! Of course I'm excited about using the Kozy too, I just don't think it's practical to keep Kyson in it for hours three days in a row. Roughly three and a half days until we're off!!!! :)  I hope I can convince Josh to eat Chic-fil-a or Moe's for lunch, those two are my favorite fast food places!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Whoa, what a day!!

Joshua had to work early this morning (part of what makes him the best husband ever, b/c he got off from one job and went in to another 2 hours later), and Ky woke up at 7:00 am. I'd like to complain about that, but I know he could of woken a lot earlier, so I will refrain :) He was in a happy mood, which is pretty common first thing in the morning. My Mom and younger sister wanted to go out to lunch together, and to get her first cell phone, so I watched Makayla and Promise for them. And then Tab, my older sister needed to run some errands, so she dropped LaLa off too. So I had Kyson, Lauren, Makayla, and Promise for a couple of hours. I love kids, I love to be busy, and I flourish in chaotic settings. I know, I'm a little out of the ordinary :) My asthma (un-diagnosed b/c I am currently un-insured, even though I went to the doc for it when I WAS insured and she didn't prescribe anything) started to act up this morning, but it wasn't serious so I ignored it for the most part. But a couple of hours later it really started to flare up. If you have never experienced difficulty breathing, then lucky you!! It's awful, truly. I would rather go through labor pains than endure struggling to breathe! BUT my older sis and Mom came to the rescue, finding a solution to help my airways open up and now I feel MUCH better. I love that I can always count on my family. I am very blessed in that regard!!! And this day has ended even better, b/c Josh just brought home 2 Double Chocolate Fudge cookies from SubWay :) Now I hope that I can get a semi-decent night of sleep!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I have the cutest baby in the whole wide world!

Well, Kyson actually slept in his own bed almost all night! He went down at 9:15ish (a little later than usual) and woke up at 6:20 in the morning. BUT he woke up to nurse I think three times (maybe 2?). I used to keep up with every time he nursed, how long he nursed, and how long he went in between nursing, but lately I'm doing good to remember when he's supposed to eat again. Of course he would never let me actually forget to feed him, lol.

Kyson won a photo contest!! I entered him to win a contest and win a free diaper last month and he was chosen as May's winner! Now I get to pick the fabric for a free BSRB :) That makes me happy! This is the photo that won
And here's the link to the website:

I babysat for my mom tonight. There was 23 kids there :) When I type that it seems like a crazy number, but it's nothing out of the ordinary. When even just a couple of them are missing it feels like there's a gaping hole and I feel like there is hardly anyone there! Everyone was well behaved, and I had a pretty easy night.  They made banana pudding for dessert and it was YUMMY!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


My cute little man! This is the first time I've brushed his hair in to a mohawk, isn't he adorable?!?!

Next Wednesday we are leaving to go to Nashville! YAY! Josh and I are both on the internet looking up "things to do in Nashville, TN". So far we're going to the TN state museum (FREE), visiting the Belle Meade Plantation (that's my kinda thing), going to the Nashville Zoo at Grassmere (Ky's first Zoo trip), visiting the Vanderbilt campus (DUH, that's where Jen goes), Parthenon (an art museum)... and the list goes on. Whether or not we actually DO all of this depends on Kyson/weather/Jen's schedule/and our energy levels, lol.

I just started on our packing list (I like lists) and WHOA at all of the extra stuff you need with a baby! I hope it all fits in the PT cruiser! We're using our gDiapers on the part of the trip, with the flushable/compostable/tossable/biodegradable inserts that we have and never use. Once we finish up that pack (we're not buying any more b/c I much prefer cloth over these, even for outings), I'll probably start using our FuzziBunz and BumGenius b/c they're water proof (and the poop usually comes off easier, sorry for the TMI, haha). My sister doesn't have a diaper sprayer, so we'll have to go back to the old "dunk and swish" method, blah! But I'm hoping to not have to do laundry while I'm there, just b/c I don't think she would like me washing my poo diapers in her washing machine, and then hanging diapers everywhere to dry them :) I'm an over-packer so I'll probably end up packing too many diapers, but I would HATE to have to go buy a pack of sposies while we're there! We're also taking a travel swing and we might invest in an umbrella stroller... still not sure about that one. Baby food, teething bicuits, toys, cold teethers, sippy cup, juice, paci's, blankets, bibs, boppi, toiletries... that's just the stuff that's popping into my head randomly!!

Kyson is sleeping in his crib for the first time tonight. I decided to try it, b/c the last few week our sleep schedule has been horrendous! He used to sleep a 6 hour stretch every night, but lately we're LUCKY if he does 3 or 4. I'll update tomorrow to see if I keep him in there the whole night (probably wont, esp if he still doesn't sleep very well).

Now I'm off to bed, and hopefully can sleep for a few hours before he wakes up!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Braves Game- Pics


The game was great last night! We lost 3-2 but it was still fun to watch. The weather was wonderful, and we were sitting in the shade the whole time. We got decent parking, and Kyson wasn't fussy at all :) BUT after we got home (around 10:30 pm) he decided that he just didn't want to go to bed... until closer to midnight! BOO! I am not a night owl by any means, and midnight is WAY too late for this tired mommy to be awake! I thought that once he was out he might sleep for at least a couple of hours... nope. He was up at 2am, 3:15am, 4am, and then up for good at 6:30... UGH! Looking at the bright side of things, at least he wasn't fussy! Josh slept all night, and then got up at 6:30 with him, and I slept until 8, when my niece Lauren came over b/c her mom had a hair appointment. That's when Josh went back to bed. I woke him back up at 10, so that I could put Kyson down for a nap in our bedroom (it's a dark bedroom, and Ky sleeps better in there). He got up and then went right back to sleep on the couch!! He's currently snoring :) I should make a video, lol. The rest of the day should be pretty quiet. Josh goes into work at 3 and I'll probably walk down to mom's at some point... but that's it!

Monday, May 17, 2010


I did it! I put Kyson in a disposable this morning (yay, because he pooped in it, lol), and washed all of my diapers so that I could take a picture! :) From top left, down, then back up to the next row:

*4 FuzziBunz
*2 BumGenius 3.0 One Sized
*2 BumGenius 3.0 All In Ones
*2 Bambino Mio Prefolds and 1 Thirsties Duo Cover
*2 Hybrid Bag Shot Row Bamboo (BSRB)
*6 Ultimate Fit BSRB's
*4 gDiapers
*1 Wooldins One Size fitted diaper
*1 Kiwi Pie One Size fitted diaper
*1 BeBe Britches One Size fitted diaper
*1 GoodMama (4 more on the way, if they would ever actually GET here!)
*2 Doodle Dypes
*7 Mother Ease Sandy's Large fitted
*3 Mother Ease Large All In One (these are the very last diaper I use, usually only on wash day)
*3 Mother Ease One Sized


I love cloth diapering!

And this is Ky wearing the newest addition, the BumGenius All In One, with his Daddy :)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

BUSY :) and thankful.

Josh is off all day tomorrow, and that always makes me happy! We're headed to Athens to the Dollar Tree (I love that store!) and to a cloth diaper boutique (if I can talk Josh into it, I always spend a pretty penny in there, so he tries to dissuade me). And then, as long as it's not raining we're going to the Braves vs. Mets game in Atlanta. So pretty busy day tomorrow! I'm also going to try to wash all of my cloth diapers and take a picture of the whole stash! That's exciting :) If I get it accomplished I'll post the pic on here.

OMGosh, have I ever said that I love babies? I saw a girl that I went to school with and she has a daughter that's about 2 months older than Ky, and it made me so sad! This baby girl was filthy, had dirty finger nails that needed to be cut, and mosquito bites on her legs. I just wanted to grab her up, give her a bath, and love on her!!!! I know I shouldn't judge, and really I'm not, because I know that this mom wasn't raised the same way I was. And it looked like she loved the baby, and she was a pretty content baby. For all I know, it could've just been an off day for them, but GOODNESS, why do I have my mother's heart?!?! I WANTED that baby girl! ohhhhhhh *sigh* I have a feeling I'm in for a crazy life! Thanks mom.

On a MUCH more positive note, Mrs Tracy Eye is meeting up with her precious Chinese little boy right about now!! I read her blog to Josh just a few minutes ago and had to pause so that I wouldn't blubber (again thanks to my mom). My prayers and thoughts are definitely with precious Phillips and the Eye family tonight!

I am so very blessed... and sometimes I can't quite figure out why. But I AM very very thankful. :)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

What a perfect day :)

Today has been laid back, low key, and absolutely wonderful! I woke up to a happy baby this morning, after a not-so-bad night :) I played computer games with one of my little sisters and my mom. Kieanna (another lil sis) made some yummy homemade cookies. I took yet another little sister (Krishawnda) to get her first cell phone, and let her drive (MISTAKE) because I'm 21 and officially allowed to let teenagers drive. But oh my GOSH, she scared me to death!! Needless to say she still needs lots of practice, lol. Kyson took a really long nap and I cuddled with him and took a cat nap of my own (haven't done that in a long while). Then Josh and I went out to dinner at Longhorns and left Ky with Tab and my mom. After we got there I saw lots of other babies and wished I had just drug him along!! I missed him! We got two free desserts because it was my bday, and it was delicious :) When we got home Ky was in a really good mood, and I thought he would go right to sleep after he nursed... NOT! I ended up walking down to mom's house (two doors down) and we both sat on her front porch swing and talked and rocked him to sleep. Lately it seems as if my life has just been extra blessed, and I'm super content right now. I loooove it!:)

Friday, May 14, 2010

What's tomorrow?

I sold the last of our disposable diapers on Craig's List today. That means after we use up what is currently in the diaper stacker, we will be sposie free!!! YAY! I am so ready to be done with them. I just feel better knowing that only cotton, fleece, or bamboo is against his bum, not any chemicals! :) call me weird, but I love it!

Kyson's doctor appointment went good today. He's 6 months and 3 weeks old. He's the 45% for weight, 55% for height, and 85% for head circumference! He got that from Joshua, lol. He weighs 17lbs 14oz and 27.5 inches long. He's doing OK so far with his vaccinations. I can tell that his leg is uncomfortable where he got the shot, and that's making him a little whiny, but other than that he seems fine (knock on wood). Tomorrow is my birthday :) as long as Ky does fine, Josh and I will probably go out to dinner.

Ky just finished some Peas and Brown Rice organic baby food, and is now munching on an organic, whole wheat teething biscuit... YUM, lol.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Not looking forward to tomorrow...

Kyson is getting vaccinations tomorrow :( I hate seeing him in pain/not happy! My oldest sister Tabitha is going with me, so that if he is fussy on the way back home I can sit in the back with him, and I really hope it works out that he will nurse right after he gets the shots and sleep on the way home. Hopefully this will go better than his two month shots... that was HORRIBLE! He got really really sick and it scared me. He went back to the doctor two or three times and to the ER once... that was a TOUGH week, and I really would like to NOT go through that (or anything similar to that) again. Josh is working a lot the next couple of days too, so no help there. I hope my mom gets lots of rest tonight, haha. Last time she was a tremendous help, and I really don't know what I would have done without her!! This is a picture of her helping my younger brother DJ fix his tux for the 11 Alive award night they were honored at. Should've let me take a good pic of you, mom :)


I love babies :) I really do! I love them when they are grumpy, happy, smelly, sleepy... I just love babies!! And I am so thankful that Josh loves them too!! We were talking a couple of nights ago, sitting in Kyson's nursery folding baby laundry, about how many kids we wanted to have and what our future looked liked. I love that we're on the same page! Lots of kids, lots of love, and lots of time spent together. That's our future. Neither one of us are "material" people. Although we want a nice house and nice cars, it's definitely not on the top of the list! 

I am REALLY battling myself about going back to school. There are SOO many negative factors that it's going to take a LOT of will power to make myself go back. I'm dreading it... like, you have NO idea how much. I know it's important to a have a back-up plan, but GOSH...ugh :( I just want to cry (really) when I think of leaving Kyson, right at the age when he should start talking and walking, to sit in a dumb classroom, with dumb teenagers, to learn something that I could NOT care LESS about, when my baby is at home without me. And it makes it ten times worse that I'm working towards a teaching degree and tons of teachers are getting laid off right now. I just can't make my brain (heart) stop looking at it negatively... I think about it every day, and every day I come to the same conclusion that it just doesn't make since to go back at this point in my life... But then that tiny part of me that is uber responsible just wont let me NOT do anything about my future... I WANT to finish school, I WANT to have a degree... it just all comes second to family. What to do, what to do, what to do...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

tired baby, tired mommy, tired daddy

It's 9:49 pm and Ky is still awake. He's kicking his feet in the bouncy seat, watching the Sprout channel, and is being relatively happy... Of course this a night after a REALLY LONG night last night, with him waking up about every two hours to nurse the whole night. I'm tired. Josh is tired b/c he got up early with him this morning. A good night for us is him sleeping 6 hours straight, and then sleeping two more 2 hour stretches... but lately that hasn't been happening! I really hope this is just a teething/groth spurt thing and he goes back to more consistent sleep patterns soon!
We tried a new kind of Peanut butter... Dark Chocolate Dreams by PeanutButter&company... It is GOOD!
Miss Tracy is on her way to Beijing to pick up her precious little boy Phillips!!! I am so incredibly excited for her family! :)
We are going to Nashville TN in two weeks to visit my older sister Jennifer :) It's our summer vacation, since we are not exactly sure when Josh is going to get a new job, and we know that once he gets one, he won't be able to take off for a while. I am super excited about it. Not only have I never been to Jen's apartment (even though she has lived there for over a year) I've also never been to Nashville!!! It's our first super long car trip with Ky too... I think about 5 hours. UGH, definitely not looking forward to that part!!

The pics are of today when  Lauren was here and just a few minutes ago of a very tired, but happy Ky :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Frankin Goose

Recently Kyson has stopped eating his baby cereal. He gags on it, lol. I tried mixing it with his baby food, but he isn't falling for it!

He is usually a really good eater, only spitting food out when it's disgusting (peaches) or when he's finished (he's playing in it). But tonight he got it EVERYWHERE, so I'm guessing he just isn't having the cereal! I did find a recipe to make cookies out of it... we'll see how that goes!

I got a new diaper in the mail!
It was 100% completely FREE :) There was a promotion on a website called Franklin Goose, and for every review that you completed they gave you a $5 store credit! And I bought this diaper and a couple of other things, YAY for FG!

Lala stopped by for a visit while her mom ran an errand. She plays so well with Ky! They love each other, and are so cute!

That's her "who, who B" (as in monkeys, who say "who, who, ha, ha" and "B" as in blanket) in the picture.She thought Ky might have been cold w/o a shirt on, and then decided that she was cold and wanted to cover up too :) SO CUTE!

All in all a pretty good day :) I'm loving my life right now!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

waiting on Josh...

We've had a pretty good day today. My first Mother's Day :) I slept in late (thank you Joshua David). Woke up to a clean living room (again, a thank you to the hubs). A HUMONGO breakfast at mom's house (because, well, when you're feeding 28 people, it kinda has to be big). Organic flowers with a biodegradable sleeve. Chocolate Turtles. A really sweet card from my sisters along with the fixings for a date night (which we are going on tomorrow, yay!). Then Josh and I relaxed for a few hours before he went to deliver Chinese food. I went to the Dollar General down the road and found DIAPER COVERS (double yay!) And Josh just walked in the door with Crab Rangoons and Broccoli Chicken with fried rice :)

I also rode over to a family friends house to bring her a couple of bottles of baby shampoo that Ky can't use because he has sensitive skin. She is days away from meeting her adopted son from China :) I walked in the room that will be his and I just felt like bursting into tears!! I can't imagine going through what this wonderful lady has had to go through for the last several months. Knowing that your baby is hundreds of miles away from you... not knowing if they're happy and safe... oh it just breaks my heart! I think it is an absolutly wonderful thing that she is doing, but I don't think I could do it... put a baby in my arms and I'd love it forever, but the time that she has to wait I think my heart would break :( I haven't had this family in my prayers, but they definitely will be from now on!!

I love days like today.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Great day!

Today made me happy :) Josh is now an official college graduate with a bachelors in criminology! We had a 1/2 surprise (his younger brother let it slip about 2 hours before we actually surprised him with it) cook out. His favorite- shrimp, beef, chicken, and sausage skewers, grilled fresh corn on the cob, baked potatoes, tossed salad, steamed veggies, rolls, and a yummy DQ ice cream cake :) It was a wonderful evening! I got Josh a Kindle (an eReader) and he was SUPER happy... which makes me happy! And he also got some cash and an Amazon gift card for the eBooks. Kyson did great on the drive to and from, he slept most of it away (WOOHOO) and even did OK during the ceremony (where I cried the whole time). I am just so stinkin' proud of him! He's had a lot on his plate pretty much his whole life, and he is just such a great person. I love him.

Friday, May 7, 2010

just a little stressed...

soooo... Josh is graduating tomorrow!!! I have some big things planned for his special day, and I hope they go over really well! I think he's going to be happy :) I'll probably ball at the ceremony, just because that is what I do. I am so incredibly proud of him!!! Wish me luck, we have 4 hours in the car tomorrow with a 6month old! hopefully he sleeps them away!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Like father, like son?


Those are all from our picture session today. They turned out sooo great! He was in a very happy mood, seeing as he had a full belly (he nursed before we left home), and he had just woken from a nap in the car on the way there :) Talk about perfect timing! We spent way too much on them, as usual. I always go in thinking "the smallest package, the smallest package, the smallest package" but I always talk myself into buying all of them, I just can't help it... He's so darn CUTE!

picture bomb :)