Tuesday, April 27, 2010

High Five to Josh!

Have I mentioned yet that my hubby is wonderful? Well, he is. Kyson woke up at 7:45. I nursed him and Josh watched him till 9:30 so that I could sleep in :) Of course my "sleeping in" is usually just catch up for waking up at 2am, 4 am, and 5:30am. Kyson hasn't quite figured out that at night you're not supposed to eat, lol. As an extra bonus he was sleepy again at 10:00. After some trial and error while I tried to figure out where he would like to take a nap, he fell asleep in the swing listening to the Beatles Lullaby Josh put on his computer :) Now I get half an hour to eat breakfast, and get on Face Book (yes that is how I spend my two or three 30 minute breaks). I read a quote once that said "Life happens during nap time". Hilarious. LaLa (Lauren, my niece) is supposed to come by at some point today. Besides that, things should be pretty quiet around here today. Josh doesn't go in to work until 4pm. I love the days when we just get to sit around the house in our PJ's, spending time with Kyson and each other (minus him finishing his final). I'm sure he'll want to drag out Guitar Hero at some point. Hey, it's what brought us together! :)

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