Thursday, April 29, 2010


It's funny what you get excited about when you're a mom :) I'm totally happy when Ky poops after being constipated, gets a new super cute comfy cloth diaper, wakes up really happy after a long nap, CUTS A TOOTH (or two), sits up for the first time, gives me a big smile when I walk into his nursery after cleaning for a bit :) Those things make me HAPPY... truly. It's great how much a baby can simplify life.

On the flip side... Josh and I decided to go out to a rare lunch at a sit down restaurant. Kyson had been down for his nap for about 30 minutes (his usual naps last from 30-45 minutes, occasionally he'll sleep a full hour). We both got dressed, I got the diaper bag packed, Kyson's outfit laid out, brought the car seat out from the nursery... and we waited and waited. Kyson slept for 1 hour and 45 minutes!! Josh had to go in to work at 2, so we ended up eating PB&J :)

At least he woke up in a super happy mood!

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