Thursday, April 29, 2010

date night

Last night Tabitha (sister # 1) kept Kyson for Josh and I to go out to eat. Moe's is pretty much my favorite, except that their dessert menu is seriously lacking variety. Of course I'm supposed to be trying to eat healthy anyway, so who needs dessert, right? HA! My ginormous sweet tooth thinks otherwise (thanks dad)! Anyway, we were gone for maybe two hours, including a quick trip to the grocery store for some baby food (by the way, it's just about $15 a week to feed him the organic good stuff). It was nice to sit down and eat dinner without jiggling a baby on my lap :)  Of course it also felt incredibly weird, because I've pretty much been doing that for a solid 6 months now, 3 meals a day, that's roughly 540 meals! And people wonder why I don't want to leave him that often... he is basically an extension of me! It's like when you leave your cell phone at home and you don't quite know what to do, do you turn around and get it even though you're 15 minutes into your drive? Now, rationally, no, you know you will be fine without it, but you WANT to have it with you! Not the best analogy, but pretty darn close :)


  1. You should make your own baby food!

  2. I know. I just started saving jars (just yesterday, I only have one). I just haven't gotten motivated yet! But, is it really going to be cheaper (if I still buy organic)?

  3. I think so because one piece of fruit/vegetable will make more than one jar of baby food. Especially in the summer when produce is cheaper...